Questions Employers Should Not Ask in a Job Interview


Getting the best job for your life can be challenging, especially if the potential employer asks you the wrong questions during an interview. While most interviewers are aware of the questions they are not supposed to ask, there are still people that will ask you background questions that are illegal. Some of the questions you might be asked by a potential employer that should never be asked can include:

“Do you have an arrest record?”

While employers are allowed to ask you if you have been convicted of a felony if they feel that it could be an issue for you in doing the job you are applying for and they can run a background check and criminal record, they cannot ask you if you have ever been arrested.

“What are the details of convictions?”

A potential employer can ask you if you have been convicted of a felony and they can get information in your background check, but they cannot ask you the details of the situation such as whether you really did it or not, including questioning what happened during the situation. They cannot ask you to tell the detailed story of how you committed a crime and who was involved.

“Do you have children?”

Questions such as whether you have children or not, if you are married or not and what your personal status is, are not allowed in an interview. These questions should not be asked of you and you do not have to answer them. You also do not need to answer questions regarding any criminal history of a spouse or family member.

While you want to be as forthcoming as possible in a job interview, the potential employer can not ask you anything that they want. If you do have a criminal record, getting help from expungement lawyer Mark Herman could help you avoid questions that are uncomfortable in an interview.

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