What is Expungement?

Minnesota has laws that allow you to expunge records dealing with your arrest and subsequent legal experience whether it resulted in a dismissal or conviction.

Expungement characterizes the procedure of “sealing” the criminal conviction and arrest records of an individual. The records can include law enforcement reports, ID documentation, records of the court, and information produced by national organizations such as the Department of Human Services. What many people do not realize is that even if your case was dropped, the public – including potential employers – can still find records of your arrest.

Fortunately, depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be able to obtain an expungement in Minnesota and remove your public criminal record.

To find out more about the expungement process – including what records qualify for an expungement – please view our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

Remember: Some Records Cannot Be Expunged

Although Minnesota’s new laws have improved your ability to obtain an expungement, there are still offenses which may not be expunged.

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The Minnesota Supreme Court has made the process of expunging your Minnesota criminal record less complicated. Most people do not understand that a record of an arrest or criminal conviction can still be found in Minnesota’s records even if the charges were dismissed. A record begins upon your arrest, not following your case’s outcome in court. Criminal arrest records can create setbacks for you if you undergo a background check, a residential application, or attempt to get a job. Today there is a presumption that you are eligible to have your records sealed if your charges were thrown out. The State must present satisfactory evidence to the Court that it is in the public’s interest to keep the criminal records public.

Expungements are complex affairs and you should not attempt to take on the process alone. To obtain experienced, strong and ethical representation, contact us today.

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