The Minnesota Expungement Process

The process of securing an expungement is very thorough. When you decide to acquire representation from an experienced Minnesota expungement lawyer, you have a higher chance of removing your criminal history records from anyone who performs a background check on you. Receiving an expungement means that you have a greater opportunity to get employed, be accepted into school, secure a place to live, and more.

If achieving your life’s goals has been stalled due to criminal charges or convictions, it is possible that you can take action and better your life. It is important to note that if your record contains convictions for driving under the influence, sexual crimes and-or homicide, you may not be able to obtain an expungement. To find out if you quality to have your record sealed, you must contact Mark Herman and discuss your records and your options. This is especially true if it has been two or more years since you were convicted.


Step-by-Step Guide to the Expungement Process:

1. Contact the Minnesota District Court in your region, a different Minnesota county, or from another state and attain a copy of your criminal record.

2.Contact Mark Herman and allow him to review your criminal history.

3. Mark Herman will obtain the proper paperwork needed to request an expungement.

4. Organize your personal data such as the time and place you were arrested/charged, all information related to your criminal history (even for unrelated crimes), all previous names you have gone by and your full contact information. In addition, you will need to specify if your case resulted in you receiving a no contact order.

5. Decide why you are seeking an expungement of your record. For example, do you have children? How would your life improve with an expungement? Your reasoning will be carefully reviewed by the judge, so by sincere.

6. At a certain point, you will have the chance to provide further information regarding your case. You will be required to provide the names of any/all victims of your crime.

7. You will make it clear to the judge that you have made steps to better yourself. How have you changed since your conviction?

7. Mark Herman will help you identify what organizations you would like your criminal history to be sealed by.

8. Your hearing date will be set by the court. Because your petition must be mailed at least sixty-three days before your hearing, we’ll advise that the hearing date is set for seventy days after you complete your petition.

9. Your petition will be notarized and copied.

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