The Minnesota Expungement Process

The process for expunging records is time consuming and complicated. When you retain an experienced Minnesota expungement lawyer to represent you, you have a greater chance of successfully having your criminal history record sealed so that it will not be seen when a background check is performed. With your record expunged, it could be easier to obtain employment or housing.

If achieving your life’s goals has been stalled because of your criminal record, you can take action to move forward and make your life better. It is important to know that there are some offenses for which a conviction may not be able to be expunged. To find out if your record qualifies to be expunged, contact Mark Herman to discuss your expungement options.

Guide to the Expungement Process:

1. Contact Mark Herman to review your criminal history and discuss expungement options.
2. After determining the best course of action, Mark Herman will draft all the necessary documents needed to begin the expungement process.
3. After the documents are drafted, Mark Herman will obtain a court date to present your case to a judge.
4. When a court date has been obtained, the documents will be served on all the necessary state agencies and parties and filed with the court.
5. Before going to court, Mark Herman will prepare you for what to expect and for your role during the court hearing.
6. At the hearing your case will be presented to the judge who will then decide your case.
7. You will make it clear to the judge that you have made steps to better yourself. How have you changed since your conviction?
8. Mark Herman will help you identify what organizations you would like your criminal history to be sealed by.
9. Your hearing date will be set by the court. Because your petition must be mailed at least sixty-three days before your hearing, we’ll advise that the hearing date is set for seventy days after you complete your petition.
10. Your petition will be notarized and copied.

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