Criminal Record Expungement: What to Know


Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have mistakes slip by without incident, while other mistakes can be more difficult to erase and may affect your future in more significant ways. If you have a criminal record, hiring an expungement lawyer may be a good option to help minimize the effect the past can exert on your present and future. While there’s no guarantee that you qualify for an expungement, it’s crucial to take proactive steps to mitigate a criminal record’s effects before taking major life steps like applying for a loan, a job, or housing.

The expungement process is tedious, convoluted, and complex, but hiring a professional will ensure that you can pursue all options for which you qualify. Expungement requirements vary greatly by jurisdiction, so it’s crucial to hire someone who has expertise working in your geographic area to ensure that you’re using all of the resources available to you.

If you’re not familiar with the legal landscape of your jurisdiction, you may waste unrecoverable money and time seeking an expungement when, in fact, you only qualify for a sealing of your record. Consulting with an expert at the outset of the process will minimize the frustration you will experience and the amount of time you’ll waste.

It’s crucial to employ expert legal aide early in the process, since it’s much harder to correct a mistake once the order for expungement has been signed than it is to simply do it right the first time. Since you have one clean shot at expungement before the process gets even more complicated than it already is, consulting with a professional will ensure that your process of minimizing past mistakes doesn’t incur even more permanent damage.

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