More Reasons Why a Criminal Record Can Haunt You


A criminal record can have many adverse affects on your life beyond making it very difficult for you to get a good job and advance in the job. Depending on the nature of the criminal charges you could be face with difficulty getting into a preferred college when the time comes. This means you may have to settle for a college that is not your first choice.

Another aspect that you might be concerned with if you have a criminal record is obtaining a driver’s license. This depends on the nature of the charges and could either prevent you from getting a license or make it more difficult to get one with many qualifications that you must meet in order to do so such as obtaining the right insurance. Additionally, if you are have a criminal record you may not be able to get automobile insurance at an affordable rate.

If you have a criminal record it is possible that you could face difficulty gaining access to an apartment that you want to live in. A background and criminal check are often used when landlord’s are deciding whether you are a good tenant or not. They might also use this in deciding whether they want you to have a long term or short term lease for an apartment.

Criminal records can also change whether you are accepted to the military or not and could also affect the outcome of other pending legal actions that you are involved in. Hiring an expungement lawyer in MN could help you to get a fresh slate and clean up old criminal records. Through their efforts you could be given a new lease on your future and the criminal record could be completely removed. While avoiding criminal charges is clearly the best route, there may be hope if you have old charges on your record you want to do away with.

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