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If you have had difficulty moving forward in your life because of a criminal charge or conviction on your record, you may be able to do something about it. Expungement Lawyer Mark Herman can help.

  • What is Expungement?

    An expungement will seal your arrest and criminal, whether you were convicted or the case was dismissed, from public search records. Minnesota residents with criminal records have the chance to remove them …read more

  • Expungement Process

    The process for expunging records is time consuming and complicated. When you retain an experienced Minnesota expungement lawyer to represent you, you have a greater chance of successfully having your criminal history record sealed …read more

  • Why Expunge My Record?

    There are many people who cannot get a job, a place to live, into a school or training program due to their criminal history. An expungement lawyer can help eliminate these issues and help you move forward with your life …read more

Why You Need An Expungement Lawyer

Often when we are young, or even later in life, we may do things that we regret in the future. At the time, you may not realize that these acts will carry consequences that can affect the rest of your life. As time goes on, however, you find out that having a criminal record, even for something minor, can greatly impact and limit your future.

In today’s age of data mining and the sharing of information of public information, having a criminal record can make it difficult to obtain employment, making it hard to support you and your family. Having a criminal record can also make it difficult to find safe housing.

Additional reasons to seek an expungement lawyer include loans and adoption. Residents with criminal records may have trouble securing a bank loan. Similarly, someone wanting to assume the parenting responsibilities of a child may face challenges that are hatched from their past mistakes.

All of these reasons support the fact that expunging – or “sealing” – your criminal records is very important if you hope to overcome these burdens that can hold you back from having the life you want.

Wherever you live in Minnesota, Mark Herman will guide you through the entire expungement process.

What Do Others Have to Say?

  • Mark Herman is the epitome of professionalism, experience, and knowledge. He is absolutely The Best at what he does. When I had my initial consultation with him, he told me exactly to expect and what challenges we may face. He also discussed with me what solutions exist for those challenges. My case went exactly the way he had advised me in our initial consultation. He achieved excellent results for me. My life has changed because of him. I 100% recommend him. To top it all off, Mark is a very nice person and very responsive. You will feel that he genuinely cares about his clients. You are in good hands with him!

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    Avvo.com User
  • When I first spoke to Mark, I didn’t have a lot of confidence in myself or didn’t have too many things going for me in my life given the circumstance of my background. I couldn't exceed in a normal career or in life some days. I was the always the guy who had to make do and find companies that would accept me and my problem.

    I struggled for years with a number of things because of it. Examples that I experienced: employment was harsh, harassment held within employer friends and family, not being accepted for housing and turned down completely because of my past mistakes. Now that I am a mature adult I realized the things I encountered with my past mistakes were not normal and I couldn’t lead a normal life and take care of my child with a good stable job and income. But with my new built background, there are heights I can reach like never before. Thank you for the reconstruction of a number of cases.

    Thank you Mark Herman and your whole team. You're one of the best!

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  • "My prior convictions have had a great impact on me getting housing and employment. On a Sunday afternoon I called Mark Herman and he immediately started working on getting the information and paperwork for expunging my records. His work was diligent and proactive and his arguments in court had the prosecutor without rebuttal. In just a few short months, all of my records were expunged and I am now able to move on in my life to truly live up to my potential, thanks to the work of Mark Herman. Overall, he did an excellent job and I would HIGHLY recommend him!"

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  • "Recently my family has been subject to some legal issues (2nd degree DUI). We needed help and a family member talked to Mark Herman whom we promptly hired. I can’t begin to tell you how much he has helped us. Mr. Herman is a person and lawyer that truly cares about his clients and how he can best serve them. Mr. Herman went out of his way thoroughly investigating our case. Where there should have been jail time involved, to our relief, Mr. Herman creatively came up with a way to handle the case that avoided jail time. We are pleased with the results he obtained for us. Mr. Herman was always prompt, polite and upbeat, small items but big for us. My family and I would be more than happy to recommend him for any of your legal needs. Legal problems are no fun; you don’t need additional strain and frustration by having a lawyer that does not care."

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  • "Recently I found myself arrested and charged with a crime for the first time in my life. I was charged with an assault. Not only was this very embarrassing, but it could have been extremely costly. If I was convicted, I would have lost my long time career. I knew I was innocent, but also knew that it was the police and prosecutors job to prove that I wasn’t. Luckily I found attorney Mark Herman. He acted swiftly and professionally. He guided me through the whole process and answered all my questions. He was able to have the criminal charge completely dismissed. All this at a resonable price. If you find yourself in legal trouble, I highly recommend Mark Herman for his hard work and professionalism."

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  • "I found myself charged with 3rd degree DWI Refusal and 4th degree DWI. I had never gone through anything like this before and I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Luckily I found attorney Mark Herman and hired him to represent me. He thoroughly explained the legal process to me and answered all my questions. From day one, Mark treated me with respect and worked hard for me. He filed motions and set up hearings to fight the charges against me. I was impressed with his knowledge, compassion and professionalism. Mark was successful in getting the judge to dismiss both charges against me. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney."

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  • "My background record was preventing opportunities in my future, so I hired Mark Herman to represent me in an expungement case. Mr. Herman is very easy to talk to, even about incidences that are difficult to talk about. Mr. Herman took his time to really get to know who I am today, how my background was hurting my goals, and how we could work towards a positive outcome in my case. I felt like I could ask Mr. Herman questions throughout the process, I felt like I was heard and understood, and I felt like I had a lawyer who was going to fight for an outcome that I needed to get on with my life. In my case, we had a positive outcome. Regardless of that outcome though, I would have still gone with Mr. Herman to help me through this challenging process. It was personally hard for me to look back on something that happened fifteen years ago, and I no longer see myself in the person I was, but Mr. Herman helped me through this process, keeping me in the know every step of the way, seeking out the information, knowing the law back and forth, and working very hard to get me back my life. I feel brand new, and I’m so very excited about what the future holds for me now. If you are in need of an expungement lawyer in the Twin Cities area, I highly recommend hiring Mr. Mark Herman and working with him on your case. I deeply believe he will work towards getting you the best outcome possible in your case. His knowledge and experience in this field of law is comprehensive and extensive. Thank you, Mark!"

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  • "I was recently charged with a 2nd degree DWI. I am really grateful to have had Mark represent me in this case and I thank him for everything did for me. Mark organized bail and helped me get out of jail early. I was really overwhelmed, and having to be inside a tiny cell not knowing what was going to happen next was playing havoc with my sanity. Mark helped me get my car out of the impound lot and kept my beautiful new sedan from being forfeited and seized by the police. Mark understood what I was facing both criminally and personally. He explained my situation planned out a complete strategy that included my seeking help prior to going to court. It really prepared me for my case, as well as helped me control my drinking, which was getting out of hand. If Mark did not recommend it and push for it, I would not have taken this matter seriously and would probably be in more trouble today. It was not easy, but Mark went above and beyond to get things done for me and to provide me with not only his legal skills, but also support when I needed it most. I am extremely pleased and happy with the result Mark obtained for me."

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  • "Mark was extremely quick in responding to all of my questions and very helpful throughout the process. I would recommend him to anyone in need of legal assistance."

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  • "I want to thank Mark for everything he has done for me. I was facing a 2nd degree DUI and was jailed inside a tiny cell and not knowing what’s going to happen next was playing the teeter-totter on my sanity. Mark quickly organized bail and helped me to get out early. As this was a 2nd degree DUI, the state wanted to take my car. Mark fought for me so that I was able to get my car back. It has not been easy, but Mark went above and beyond to get things done and get a good result for me. He provided me not only his skill, but also with SUPPORT when I needed it. He prepared me for what was going to happen and fought hard for me. I am grateful that I chose Mark to represent me. Thank you."

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  • "After consulting with a few other attorneys, I decided to move forward with Mark Herman. He is knowledgeable, experienced, responsive, caring, and may I add very fair with the fees involved. He makes you feel cared for on a human level and not just another case. He will tell you from the very beginning what possible obstacles may be and is very honest in the solutions he offers to those obstacles. His stellar success rate is just an icing on the cake. If you’re searching for an attorney to expunge a record, I highly recommend him and please let me add that I rarely write reviews and it is not very easy to impress me as a client."

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Why Contact a Minnesota Expungement Lawyer?

Whether you’ve been convicted of a felony, gross misdemeanor or even a misdemeanor, a criminal record can make it hard to move forward with your life. Even if you were not convicted and the charge was dismissed, this record is available for anyone to see. That is why it’s imperative that you pursue a record expungement and leave the past behind.

Expungement is a legal procedure that seals records of criminal convictions, charges and arrests. Once a record is expunged, the public and potential employers will not be able to see this record. And, after your record is expunged, you can legally say that you’ve never been convicted of a crime.

The advantages of obtaining an expungement include – but are not limited to – the following.

  • Finding employment :Most, if not all, Minnesota businesses perform background checks on prospective employees and are often unwilling to hire someone with a criminal record. If your record has been expunged, the record will not be viewable and, you can legally say you’ve never been charged or convicted of a crime.
  • Finding a home :Before renting out an apartment, landlords conduct background checks on new tenants. If a landlord finds your criminal record, he/she might not rent to you. Many landlords, in their housing applications, state up front that they will not rent to anyone with a felony record.
  • Applying for school/special programs/licensure :College admission personnel may deny admission to applicants who have been convicted of a crime. Having a criminal record expunged prevents colleges from becoming aware of your criminal past.

Some professions, such as nursing, require an individual to obtain training in a specialized education program. Often, an individual with a criminal record may not be accepted into these programs.

Additionally, many professions require you to obtain a license from the state to work within a profession. Having a criminal record could make it difficult to obtain licensure.

Expungement Eligibility Depends on a Number of Factors

When you are granted a statutory expungement, both the court’s records and the records in the posession of law enforcement agencies, such as the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), are sealed. Expungement of your record will prevent your criminal history from appearing in a background check.

There are 12 factors that a court considers to determine whether or not you are eligible to receive an expungement (Minnesota Statute 609A.03 sub.5(c)(1-12). Some of these factors include:

  • The nature and severity of the crime;
  • The risk, if any, the person presents to individuals or society;
  • The length of time since the crime occurred;
  • The steps the person has taken to rehabilitate;
  • Aggravating or mitigating factors related to the crime;
  • The person’s record of employment and community involvement;

Cases Eligible for Expungement

In Minnesota there are three categories of criminal offenses.

  • Misdemeanors
  • Gross misdemeanors
  • Felonies

Misdemeanors and gross misdemeanor are eligible for expungement, provided the following criteria has been met:

  • Misdemeanors are eligible to be considered for expungement if a person has been convicted of or received a stayed sentence and has not been convicted of a new crime for at least two years since discharge of the sentence for the crime.
  • Gross misdemeanors are eligible to be considered for expungement if a person has been convicted of or received a stayed sentence and has not been convicted of a new crime for at least four years since discharge of the sentence for the crime.
  • Felonies are eligible to be considered for expungement if a person was convicted of or received a stayed sentence and has not been convicted of a new crime for at least five years since discharge of the sentence for the crime; and,
  • The felony to be expunged, must be for a felony violation that is listed in the statute.

Felony expungements are more complicated. There are two criteria that must be met:

  • Felonies are eligible to be considered for expungement if a person was convicted of or received a stayed sentence and has not been convicted of a new crime for at least five years since discharge of the sentence for the crime; and,
  • The felony to be expunged, must be for a felony violation that is listed in the statute.

Other Expungement Case Timelines:

  • For all criminal classifications, if a case has been dismissed it can be considered for expungement upon dismissal.
  • For all cases where a person successfully completed the terms of a diversion program or stay of adjudication, expungement can be considered if the person has not been charged with a new crime for at least one year since completion of the diversion program or stay of adjudication.
  • For some specific types of felony drug possession cases, expungement can be considered upon the dismissal and discharge of the proceedings against the person.

It’s important for you to contact an experienced expungement lawyer to see into which category your case falls.

What Is the Criminal Expungement Process?

The criminal expungement process in Minnesota takes four to six months.

The first step is drafting a petition and other required documents. A hearing date is then scheduled and the documents are served on the appropriate agencies and filed with the court.

At the hearing, your lawyer will present your case to a judge who will then decide whether or not to grant the expungement.

We Can Help You!

Expunging a criminal record in Minnesota is time-consuming and difficult. It involves going to court and making pursuasive arguments for your case to a judge. Working with a skilled Minnesota expungement lawyer will significantly improve your chances of successfully having your records expunged.

Experience makes a difference when dealing with expungement cases. Each expungement case is unique and prosecutors and judges view and approach each case differently. Minnesota expungement attorney Mark Herman knows what to expect and what course of action to take in each case so that his clients achieve the best possible outcome.

Contact expungement attorney, Mark Herman, right away-online, by phone or in person to schedule your free consultation.

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