How a Criminal Record Can Harm Your Chances Of Getting a Job


If you have a criminal record, then you may find that your chances of getting a job are lowered considerably. It does not matter whether you have a criminal record for assault, burglary or for a crime that you committed when you were younger, it can have a serious impact on your life and it will most likely set off a warning signal with your potential employer. There is a lot of stigma attached to those who have a criminal record, and many employers will not want to hire someone who has a history of crime.

Employer Confidence. When an employer hires an employee, they do so because they think that they are right for the job. If you have a criminal record, this doesn’t mean that you’re not right for the job, but it does mean that your chances of being hired are considerably lower. For example, if you go up against someone who has the exact same qualifications as you, but your competition does not have a criminal record, they have a much higher chance of being hired over yourself. A criminal record can be a deciding factor in these types of situations, and it really does come down to how confident an employer is in your abilities as to whether or not they choose to overlook your record.

Employer Trust. If you have a criminal record and you are applying for a job in a bank or in a confidential or secure workplace, your employer may not hire you because trust is a large factor in the job and someone who has a criminal record may not seem like the best fit from an employer perspective. Unless you can make them completely trust you in the interview, there is a high chance that you won’t be accepted and this is all because of your record.

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