You Deserve A Second Chance


Finding the proper attorney to assist with the expungement process in Minnesota can be detrimental. Mark Herman has years of experience with representing clients for criminal conviction expungement.

Sometimes good people make mistakes. Often these poor decisions are made when people are younger, and they do not understand the unintended consequences that their decisions will have later on. These mistakes can take a negative toll on your quality of life and create stringent limitations. Criminal convictions can get in the way of every aspect of your life from finding gainful employment to acquiring desirable housing.

Fortunately there are specific conditions that allow some convictions to be virtually erased from your criminal record with the assistance of an expungement lawyer. Quality legal representation and advice from a professional who understands the complex legal system could be the answer to removing old convictions from your record.

Everyone deserves a second chance. Expungement is an opportunity to get another chance at the life you dreamed of. Don’t live in the past; call an expungement lawyer in Minnesota today to get on the right track. Set up a free consultation today by calling 612.382.4545.

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