Why Your Expungment Application Might Be Denied


If you have been considering having your record expunged, you may be aware of the qualifications for expungement in Minnesota. But oftentimes, applications for expungement are denied. Here are the top reasons why an expungement in Minnesota is denied.

Your Offense is Ineligible for Expungement

Not every conviction can be expunged from your record. There are many requirements you must meet in order to be qualified for an expungement in Minnesota.

Time Matters

If there has not been enough time since you were discharged from probation, you may likely be ineligible for an expungement at the moment. However, you may be eligible in the future.

New Crimes or Criminal History Can Impact It

If you are facing a new criminal conviction, or you have a serious criminal history, this can impact your eligibility for an expungement. Under Minnesota law, many factors must be considered by the Court, including the nature of the offense, the seriousness of the offense, your criminal history, or any aggravating factors.

What to Do if Your Application is Denied

If your application is denied, there may be several reasons for it. Either your case is not eligible, or there were errors in your application. In either case, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced expungement lawyer for legal assistance.

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