States That Have Legalized Criminal Record Expungement


Most people go about their everyday lives unaware of the laws that are being passed on a regular basis. Many of those laws have very little effect on most people. However, if you have a past that would make you interested in criminal expungement, then you should know that many states have made the process legal. This means that you can have any former arrests on your record sealed or restricted from the public. This law comes with many benefits and advantages, but it has not been approved everywhere as of yet.

The Details

Criminal record expungement can have an incredible effect on the lives of qualifying individuals. Having a criminal record creates issues when traveling to other countries, getting a job, renting a home, applying for a loan, and many others. Anything involving a background check can create problems. There are many people who may have made one mistake in their lives who have paid their debt to society but are still feeling the impact years later. If their records are expunged, then they can be free to pursue everything that they were once limited from and become contributing members to society. However, police and government officials will still be able to access the records if need be.

Participating States

Not all states are on board. In fact, most have not approved such a law, but there seems to be a shifting of the tide in regards to criminal record expungement. The states that already have laws in place are: Indiana, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Ohio, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, and Washington.

While a criminal expungement law has been passed in these states, it is only on a trial basis. It theoretically could be repealed in your state at any time, so it’s vital to take advantage as soon as possible. To qualify, there are several requirements that must be met. It can be complicated to navigate these requirements and exceptions, so check with an expungement attorney as soon as possible to see if you qualify.

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