Debunking the Most Common Expungement Misconceptions 


If you’ve ever had a criminal record, you may wonder if expungement is an option. Unfortunately, many people have misconceptions about the process that can deter them from pursuing a clean slate. This blog post will debunk some of the most common myths surrounding expungement. 


Myth 1: Expungement is available for all crimes. 

This is one of the most pervasive myths about expungement, and it simply isn’t true. Depending on your state laws, certain crimes—including violent offenses and sex crimes—may not be eligible for expungement. Furthermore, even if your offense is eligible for expungement under your state laws, other factors could prevent you from achieving a clean slate (e.g., time limits for filing). Therefore, it’s essential to thoroughly research your state laws and speak with an attorney to determine whether or not your offense qualifies. 

Myth 2: Expungements erase criminal records. 

Another misconception about expungements is that they completely erase your criminal record as if it never existed in the first place. In reality, while an expunged record will no longer appear in public searches or background checks, it still exists and retains its legal standing regarding a few specific entities (e.g., law enforcement agencies). This means that while an employer may not be able to see evidence of your conviction on a background check, a police officer or judge could still view it if need be.  

Myth 3: Expungements make all jobs available to me. 

In some cases, employers may decide not to hire someone based on their criminal record, even after it has been successfully expunged. This decision may depend on several factors, such as the type of crime committed and how recently it was committed; however, certain employers—such as those in government positions—are legally prohibited from hiring individuals with convictions related to certain types of offenses regardless of whether those convictions have been expunged or not. Therefore, before assuming that an expunged record would make any job available to you, always take the time to research applicable regulations about employment eligibility and talk with potential employers directly about their hiring policies regarding applicants with prior convictions or arrests on their records.  


Expungements offer many people a chance to get their lives back on track by allowing them access to various opportunities they would otherwise be denied due to past mistakes or unfortunate circumstances beyond their control. However, there are several misconceptions out there that can cause confusion and prevent people from taking advantage of this valuable resource which is why it’s so important that we dispel these myths once and for all! By understanding what qualifications must be met before beginning the process and what limitations remain after completion, individuals can better prepare themselves when seeking an expunged record and take advantage of every opportunity available to them along the way!


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