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Take positive steps to support yourself and your family with a second chance. Expungements are complicated matters and are too important to be left to chance.

The New Law…Expungement – A Second Chance!

Before the New Expungement Laws:

In the past, expunging a criminal record was difficult and results could be very limited. There were many offenses for which obtaining was virtually impossible. If you were able to get a record expunged, in many cases, the court was only allowed to expunge their own court created records leaving police reports, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) records and records that other state agencies may have available for public inspection. It is safe to say that role of a Minneapolis expungement lawyer has changed.

The State of Expungement Today:

As of January 1, 2015, new expungement laws have taken effect in Minnesota. Minnesota’s new expungement law will now make it possible to have all records sealed.

The new expungement laws will give people who are taking positive steps to support themselves and their families a second chance in life by expanding the categories open to expungement and by allowing courts to order other branches of government to seal the records they might have.

Also of great importance, the new law will require business screening services that do background checks for employers and data mining companies to delete records if they know a criminal record has been expunged, or has been pardoned.

Why Should You Contact a Minneapolis Expungement Lawyer?

A Minneapolis expungement lawyer can assist you in getting your record expunged in Minnesota. Call 612-382-4545 today to discuss your specific situation with a highly experienced lawyer, Mark Herman. Mr. Herman has wide-ranging experience helping individuals clean their criminal record at the level allowed by the law.

The most important advantage of an expunged criminal record is that, even with a criminal conviction, you will have an easier time securing employment.

Criminal background checks are commonplace in the workforce. Performing a background check is a simple process. It is inexpensive and employers can quickly complete them using their own computer. The background check usually provides information on the prospective employer’s arrests, convictions and probation.

The data gathered is often insufficient in terms of gaining a true understanding of a case’s details. However, most employers use the information when considering whether or not to hire the applicant.

Even if you are able to avoid a criminal background check when you apply for a job, it does not mean that your criminal history won’t impact what you can and cannot achieve.

Most of our clients convey a major sense of relief when they successfully obtain an expungement. Although it does not miraculously erase one’s criminal history, it does help one move on and begin a new life chapter.

It is important to remember that you may only have one chance to have your record expunged. That is why, if you hope to have a successful result, it is important to obtain superior legal assistance. A Minneapolis expungement lawyer can provide you with this opportunity so that you can begin the process of rebuilding your life.

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