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A criminal conviction, charge, or record of an arrest can greatly hinder many areas of your life. It can make it difficult to obtain employment, housing and even credit. Minnesota expungement lawyer Mark Herman has years of experience assisting clients in removing these charges from their record.

Why Should You Contact a St. Paul Expungement Lawyer?

You may have heard the phrase, “You did the crime, now do the time!” It is a quote that is frequently spouted, but the reality is that in today’s society, ‘doing the time’ does not end once your probation or sentencing is complete. In fact, in many ways, integrating back into society with a criminal record or infraction is more difficult than facing the charges to begin with.

Having a criminal record or record of an arrest can make it extremely difficult to obtain employment, no matter your educational level, as most employers immediately disqualify applicants that admit to having one, despite the fact that it may have been for a minor infraction or happened years ago.

The hard reality is that as long as your criminal record is accessible, you are still paying the price for your mistakes, even if you deeply regret them and have transformed your life.

Having a criminal record can also affect other areas of your life, like hindering financial assistance, such as loans or credit, as well as automatically disqualifying you from living in many types of housing.

Minnesota expungement attorney Mark Herman has the wisdom, experience and know-how to help you in removing your criminal record so that you can carry on with the life that you deserve to have. He serves clients in St. Paul, MN, from St. Anthony Park to Highwood and throughout the eastern Twin Cities suburbs.

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