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When an expungement is done properly, it can eliminate hurdles to professional licenses and gainful employment. If you are a resident of Plymouth, Minnesota and would like to have your record expunged, contact Expungement Lawyer MN. We can give you valuable advice and guide you through the expungement process.

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What many Plymouth residents do not know is that when you are arrested, a record of the arrest is immediately produced. No matter what happens from that point forward, including whether the charges are dropped or dismissed, there is an entry on your personal record regarding that arrest. That entry could influence many aspects of your life for years to come, such as employment and residential applications.

Fortunately, the Minnesota Supreme Court has made it easier to apply for expungement. What expungement does is seal the records related to an arrest, including a criminal conviction. This includes court documents, ID documents, and other records that law enforcement may have produced in relation to your arrest. This information is available for the public to view if it is not expunged.

However, not every arrest and the records relating to it are eligible for expungement. If you think that an expungement would be valuable given your situation, contact Expungement Lawyer MN and have your case examined and learn if you qualify. If you do, we can help you get that information off your record and out of the public domain.

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