A Guide To Gross Misdemeanor Charges


When we think of the word misdemeanor, the natural tendency might be to think of something minor. However, if you are charged with a gross misdemeanor, it is anything but a minor change. It is only one step above a felony, and could even mean time in jail, along with fines and other penalties. Do not take a gross misdemeanor charge lightly, or else you may regret it.

As with most charges, you should certainly seek legal representation if you are charged with a gross misdemeanor. That is the best way to gain a favorable outcome. A reputable attorney may be able to have the charges reduced, dismissed, or even get you acquitted. Once a good outcome is achieved, you can move on with your life.


There are several types of crimes that qualify as gross misdemeanors. They can be anything from DUI/DWI to fifth degree assault. Even things like shoplifting and interfering with 911 can be classified as gross misdemeanors. These are just examples, as well. There are many other criminal offences that fall under that umbrella.


The fact is, you will have a lot on the line if you are charged with a gross misdemeanor. The penalties for conviction are all the proof you need that is not like a regular misdemeanor. Too many people accept the charges, thinking that they are not so bad, when that is completely false. They end up getting the maximum sentence because they did not take the charge seriously, and end up with hefty penalties, and even jail time.They may also have to pay fines and restitution and submit to counselling. Plus, a conviction of that type on a criminal record could make it exceptionally difficult to gain employment, getting aid to return to school, and renting a living space.

As mentioned above, it is always in your best interest to seek legal representation if you are charged with a gross misdemeanor, or any charge for that matter. A lawyer and their team will be able to fully investigate your case and help to ensure that you get the best result possible. Do not think that it is a minor charge that you can handle yourself.

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