Do Arrests Show Up on Criminal Records Even if You Weren’t Charged?


If you are arrested but not charged with a crime, your arrest may still show up on your criminal record. Depending on the state in which you live, an arrest without a charge may be considered a criminal record. In some cases, an arrest will not show up on your criminal record if you were not convicted of a crime. However, if you were arrested and charged with a crime, even if you were later acquitted or the charges were dropped, the arrest will likely show up on your criminal record.

All arrests and convictions in Minnesota are recorded in criminal history records. All law enforcement agencies in the state are required by statute to give the BCA the following information:

-gross misdemeanor and juvenile felony arrests
-targeted misdemeanor, adult felony, and gross misdemeanor arrests

Any other misdemeanor arrest may not have to be reported.

An expungement lawyer can also help you clear your record if you were arrested but not convicted of a crime. This is a great option if you were arrested but the charges were later dropped. An expungement lawyer can help clear your record so that it doesn’t show up on a background check.

If you are considering getting help from an expungement lawyer, contact a local law firm today. They can provide you with more information about how they can help you clear your criminal record.

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