3 Components of Sealing Juvenile Court Records


It is not a stretch to say that most people make mistakes when they are young. In fact, probably everyone does. For most of us, those mistakes remain in the past. However, some people make bigger mistakes that can keep causing problems all throughout their lives. Luckily, it is possible to seal juvenile court records so that they do not continue to follow a juvenile into adulthood.


A former juvenile offender can file a petition with the court to have their juvenile records expunged. This means that they can tell any potential employers, landlord or other interested party that they have never been arrested.


There are several kinds of crimes that are eligible for expungement, and certain criteria to be met. For instance, you need to wait a prescribed amount of time before the application, which can be based on your age or on the type of supervision you are currently under, if at all.

It also depends on the type of offense. More serious offenses may not qualify for expungement. Also, if you have had any arrests subsequent to the crime for which you are seeking expungement, that might affect the court’s decision, even if they are adult crimes.

Getting Juvenile Records Expunged

You must first file a petition with the court. In most cases, you can simply fill out a form that will request the pertinent information. You will then have to pay a fee. It is usually best to hire a reputable attorney to help you with the paperwork and with the entire process. They will understand how to fill out your petition in the best way to be successful.

If your request is granted, then your juvenile records will be expunged. This means that you can act as if none of those offenses ever happened. You will be free to apply for any jobs you wish without having your past mistakes hanging over your head.

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