6 Important Facts About Expungements in Minnesota


If you have a criminal record, it can have an impact on many aspects of your life. Luckily, in Minnesota, there is a way for those who have a criminal record to have certain charges expunged. This can help if you are looking for work or housing and a criminal background check is needed to be able to qualify. Here are some facts about expungements in Minnesota that you should know.

Expungements can apply to court records as well as convictions

If you have had a charge that ended up in a not guilty verdict or a dismissal, it may still show up on your criminal record. Sometimes these can have a negative effect on job qualifications, so it would be beneficial to have them expunged if possible.

Expungements are confidential

If you are successful in getting a record expunged, then the court that approves it will seal that record. That means that no one will be able to see that a charge has been expunged. However, it may still be visible to some agencies.

Expunged records can be seen in some cases

In some instances, expunged records can be seen by some law enforcement agencies. This can only happen with a court order, however, so the situation has to meet certain criteria. Usually it is when a person is going to potentially be charged with another offense. There are also some jobs, especially those with children, that may involve making expunged records visible.

You must meet the time limits

Expungement can only be possible if you have served your full sentence, and have waited at least 63 days afterwards to file. It will be sealed 60 days after the judge has granted the petition for the record to be sealed.


Expungement can only apply for certain offenses. Felony convictions are generally eligible, and many misdemeanors are eligible as well. Petty crimes do not qualify as they are not considered a crime.

It is not a simple process

You must demonstrate to the court that you qualify under the Second Chance program. There may be disputes and rebuttals that you will need to deal with as well. It is usually a good idea to seek out legal help to file your petition for expungement.

Having previous charges expunged can help you move forward with your life. Use this knowledge to help your petition succeed.

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